TowerRock, Roca Torre o Piedra Toba TOBA is a curious rock with a form of a pitchfork, that is situated by the south of Ría Deseado, just in front of our location. In agreement with the stories of the old sailors, this rock was pointing to the entrance of the sheltered estuary, where travellers used its scale to repair their ships, take a rest and stock up on provisions to continue their journey around the world.

Our apartments have the name of the places that witnessed the trip of these old sailors and prestigious naturists that today represent the most important tourist attractions of our location.

Thus arose:
Apt Isla Pingüino (3 room)
Apt Miradores de Darwin (2 room )
Studio Ría Deseado (1 room)
Cabo Blanco (aditional room)


Our complex is located in the town of Puerto Deseado on the Atlantic coast to the northeast of the Santa Cruz province. We arrived at Puerto Deseado after leaving the national route Nº 3,  taking only 120 km along the route Nº 281 passing through the historic and picturesque town of Jaramillo. This steppe landscape will be short since we go watching old railway stations and some native species such as guanacos and rheas.
After few minutes journey we will be surprised with a fantastic landscape of reddish rocks, Islands and cliffs that contrast with the bluish green of the town of Puerto Deseado.


Tower Rock is located at the entrance of Puerto Deseado downtown. Iits strategic location allows us to access within a radius of 200 meters to the tourist office, kiosks, drugstores, gas station, cafeterias, as well as restaurants such as ¨Puerto Cristal¨ with a specialty in fish, seafood and lamb.